The end of the year is coming fast, so it’s time to make some summary. In january we where thinking about what we would do this year, should we slow down or just do what we want to do. The choice was easy. We started with Frisian Flag excercises at Leeuwarden Airbase, this year we had some nice visitors – F-15’s ! After beining at the airbase a couple of times, I was thinking about the next airshow, something different than fighters.Talking with my friends we decided to go to La Ferte Alais, and this was a really good choice. We had really hot weather. The atmosphere was great which one pin-up girl heated up 😉

We will for sure think to go there next year, but now we packed up and departure to France to catch our ferry to Engeland.

RIAT here we come!


IMG_2961  IMG_3025  IMG_2978


Yes, this time we dont go to mach loop. Why? Mach Loop is not an airshow, to much people on the hills is not good for us! But I leave this theme and we go back to RIAT. 5 long days taking pictures of airplanes, great company of our friend Neil, and the last time to say good bye to Vulcan. I would really miss this plane. After a great time we spend in Engeland we drove back to Holland.

Short rest and we can go to Poland for one and a half week, going to familly and off course to Radom Airshow. Last time I was at Radom airshow I was really impressed, but this time we didint wait to the end of the show and after one day we drove back to Warsaw… What a boring show it was! Back to Holland and still four airshows left… Den Helder marine dagen 2015, I spend my time at De Kooy airport and at the ATC tower. Pictures from the tower give some nice perspective. I also talked a few hours with the Catalina crew, what a cool guys they are, dont forget Catalina it self 🙂

Few weeks later I flew to Texel Airshow with friends from my work and our AW-139. Quite a nice experience to go to the airshow with a helicopter.

IMG_3080  IMG_3089

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Sanicole Sunset Airshow was one of my highlights this year but still not THE highlight. What a show it was, a show you will never forget. Airplanes, Helicopters, Gliders with fireworks and lights show’s! Next year we will be there for 3/4 days 🙂

We are almost at the end of the season… but first we go to AXALP ! 🙂

IMG_3464  IMG_1480

Ok, this is my highlight of the year, AXALP 2015! We booked a hotel half year before axalp. We stay in Switzerland for10 days, for the show and to do some sight-seeing. Unfortunately the show was canceled due the weather conditions but we still got some great pictures from the training day and meiringen airbase. Due the weather conditions we made a choice to dont climb at Wildgarst but stay at KP ( it’s still high enough 😉 ) To describe it briefly and concisely – despite the weather this year AXALP is still AWESOME !!! Due our stay in the hotel we booked it for the next year, yes we know, we are freaks but we really like this what we are doing !


IMG_3547  IMG_3558

IMG_3759  IMG_3563


IMG_3682  IMG_3969

Summary: 7 countries, more than 10000 km in the car, almost 400 GB pictures…

All pictures made with iPhone 6

This was a really good year and we are have our scedule almost ready for the next year but first we want wish you a blessed Merry Christmas and Happy 2016 Year !!! S.H. Photography


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