It was something we always thought about, but never had the time or good opportunity to make this last important step. The Netherland’s, country known for tulips, cheese, windmills, rain and winter’s. Yes, you ready it right, winters! Years ago we had really strong winters, with lots of snow and temperatures under -20 degrees celsius. Unfortunately this was a long time ago… At this moment we can be happy with a few centimetres snow, and one week with “Russian” temperatures.  Because winters are more delicate, we tried to use this one week to take the “last picture” Frozen channels, skaters on ice etc… this was our goal! But… I saw pictures from the biggest lake in the Netherlands, and it was frozen, unprecedented phenomenon! I made a quick phone-call to my pilot friend for confirmation, and it was true.  We slightly changed our plans. The weather forecast was not good, tomorrow would be minus 7 degrees Celsius and the day after tomorrow almost plus 10 degrees celsius. We had to hurry up. Within 24 hours, we contacted our other friend and asked him to fly a Cessna 172 above the Ijsselmeer. Fortunately he had some free time. Our project “Netherlands the winter wonderland” got some new sense. We were going to fly!  The next day we woke up early, and drove to Lelystad Airport, we had a quick weather check and planned our route. One hour later we were off. The weather was not the best, at some places we had nice sun but in general it was grey and dark. We couldn’t get everything at once.  We flew from Lelystad through Makkum, Afsluitdijk, Enkhuizen, Volendam, Marken and back to Lelystad. Almost a two hours flight.  The landscapes where amazing, something we will not forget for a long time. We have plans to go to Antarctica and Spitsbergen and this flight added a little bit of flavor to our imagination. We are really happy with the photos and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. We can definitely say that this was not the last project from the air. Enjoy!

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