The best pictures of the year?

It’s quite a hard question. There are so many categories like the best plane or airshow, your feeling for the picture, weather, light, quality… How can you choose your best pictures of the year? The last time I have pointed out that many pictures I post on my website or fan page, pictures that I really like, get less reactions than the pictures that I dont really like or think that they are not the best. People have adifferenttaste of everything!

My best pictures of 2015

In 2014 we went to Wales – Low Flying Area – LFA7. Our hope was to see F-15’s in this beautiful landscape. We where there for 10 day’s, and in those 10 day’s, we didn’t see any F-15 going low…
The first time I saw F-15, was at Leeuwarden airbase during Frisian Flag excercises and I made my long awaited head-on picture of the taxiing F-15.

GD3P4370Long on the planning list, La Ferte Alais. It’s little airshow with big power. I have some nice picture’s from this show, but the picture of the Dakota kept stuck in my head.

1-63The road to RIAT 2015 was great, but i had still some sad feeling that this would be last time we would see the Vulcan in the sky, but the worst thing was that I missed the air to air session with this beauty becouse I didn’t get day’s off my work. Plenty of great pictures form this show, but the best one is Vulcan with the Red Arrows.

_D7_0637Fireworks, flares, helicopters and planes at night… this combi is just awesome. During the show we had rain, wind, sun… When the drops started to fall from the sky, the Dutch Apache demo lit the sky with flares.

GD3P6648I think that most of my favorited pictures are from Axalp 2015. Maybe becouse this was my first Axalp or maybe those pictures are simply great 😉 I will place a few pictures, sorry but I can’t choose the best picture, it’s too difficult.

GD3P6517 GD3P8981 GD3P8488 GD3P8705 GD3P7983 GD3P8964

From all pictures I made at Schiphol this year, I think picture from dat day is my best one… There was no indication that we will get such awesome photography conditions. Sunset, colours, vortex, condensations, cloud burst’s in one picture. I like this picture so much that I printed it and hung it on the wall in 80x100cm size, it looks just awesome.


A few sessions for the customers bring some great opportunities to take some ‚other’ pictures but the best one was with EC-155. Great machine!




Let’s hope 2016 will be even better 🙂 Happy hunting everyone ! 

For more pictures just click here https://www.sebastianhinca.com/galleries

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