Sebastian Hinca, is a talented young Photographer who has grown up with a fascination of capturing that special moment in time as colours and movement blur and merge to be captured by the activation of a cameras shutter and panning action freezing all movement and showing the viewer that fraction / blink of an eye moment that is all to quickly over and gone forever. Sebastian’s creative ability allied to his photographic skills are a rare combination that have endless boundaries which allows him to achieve the results that his clients demand and also which he demands of himself.
The Photography that Sebastian produces is wide ranging from the tranquillity of the rolling landscape to the power and energy of low flying frontline military aircraft and also that of commercial aviation

S.H. Photography is ready for every project. We have many experiences in work with big companies like KLM, CHC Helicopters and also with small businesses like brokers and private customers.
What we can offer you? High quality photography, time lapse, 3d graphics plan’s, drone movies… We use only Canon professional photography equipment and professional DJI drones.

All S.H. Photography images and videos are ”All Rights Reserved”. If you wish to purchase or use any images, for any reason or purpose, then please visit my webshop or contact me via email info@sebastianhinca.com